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Face the Unknown

To call the markets unstable is an understatement. In 2000, we saw an era of irrational exuberance with the coming of the ‘Dot-Com’ Bomb, followed by the ‘Free Money’ Bubble created by a low Federal Funds Rate in 2002 – 04. Later, in late 2007, the entire globe plunged into the great recession with the Subprime saga. Then the 2010 Flash Crash once again made investors uneasy. We rode the waves, bore our losses, but what knowledge do we carry forward as we move on?


  • The Market has become increasingly volatile.
  • The world is extremely interconnected, which adds more surprise factors to our portfolios.
  • Most importantly, we need to upgrade our investment planning to accommodate opportunities and risks brought about by global and local events unfolding around us.

    Our Edge

    • EAS’s understanding and insights of current affairs around the globe give us a unique perspective on financial planning.
    • With our experience in investing in both developed and emerging markets and in many asset classes, EAS is positioned to prepare you for the best and the worst of economic times.
    • We can continuously evaluate the annualized rate of return of your portfolio against various industry benchmarks, and rebalance and reallocate your asset classes to diversify risk.