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Princeton Plus

Over the past eight years, we have been fortunate to build a continuous partnership with Princeton University that has brought us in contact with some incredibly bright young minds. We started this program in 2008 with the aim of teaching a handful of motivated students the basics of wealth management and to introduce some innovative insights into our organization. It’s a great pleasure to say that both the firm and students have been rewarded with a tremendous amount of success.

During their time here, our Princetonians have been able to work on various projects pertaining to macroeconomic research, portfolio analysis, estate planning, and business development. Each year, we have worked closely with these young professionals to rethink our client presentations and develop new tools for analyzing portfolios. After their time with us, we are proud to say that our graduates have gone on to work at prestigious investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms such as Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Citadel, and Blackstone, to name a few. What’s more important, however, are the strong and lasting personal friendships that we develop with our students. Our graduates continuously reconnect with us, providing us with assistance, advice, and perspectives from their new positions when needed, and we return the favor. Our next group of incoming students then compound on the previous year’s work, continuously pushing Evyavan forward. This continuous cycle of compounding success and friendship is so special to our firm and is integral to the continued success of Evyavan.

As much as our students have learned from us, we have also learned from them. We have been truly humbled by the scope of our students’ accomplishments before, during, and after working with us. Every student that has partnered with us has contributed greatly to an ongoing cycle of research and development, the scope of which would not be possible without his or her collaboration. The intelligent students we meet and interact with every year have also inspired us with their undying commitments to Princeton’s values of integrity, service, and excellence. Their values resonate strongly with our own, and we continue to have incredibly strong ties and relationships with each student and graduate. 

Our most important goal at Evyavan is to keep moving forward, making gradual and continual improvements to our services and operations. We believe that we can implement this continuous progress through our strong, permanent Princeton partnership program. We make a commitment to lifelong learning, and that is why we believe the relationships we establish with Princeton is one of the most valuable opportunities to grow our business. Even the students who were with us back in 2008 continue to check up on the firm and personnel, representing a professional and personal friendship that is truly humbling and an integral part of the firm. We have been working with our graduates continuously to improve our program and intend to commit additional resources to expand its reach in order to continue to provide our clients with the best services possible.