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Why Evyavan


Changing financial advisors is a big step in your life, but may be one towards the right direction. At Evyavan, our staff of highly qualified financial professionals take pride in providing you superior quality services at affordable rates. As a well-established boutique firm serving the greater New York and New Jersey community, we take the time to get to know each of our prospective clients on a personal basis before taking them on board. By establishing such a close connection, we learn about the hardships, sufferings, and pains that went into the making of each dollar. Your unique life circumstance allows for your story to inspire and motivate us in the careful and successful management of your account. And more importantly, it allows for a compelling client-manager relationship to develop and grow. At Evyavan, our first priority is to invest your wealth according to your needs and your life circumstances.

We believe a great business clearly defines its values and constantly reinforces them. Our values are integrity, transparency, and compassion. This means:

  • No conflicts of interest - we make sure to serve your best interests
  • Clear and understandable investment advice - our job is to simplify the complex
  • Contact us at any time of day - we are happy to answer any of your questions

Value Services

Perform a Meticulous Financial Physical of your Assets

  • Our firm will perform a diagnostic review of your existing assets and resource allocations. Our expertise allows us to review your financial positioning and help you understand how it correlates with your future goals.

Understand your Present and Future Objectives

  • Our objective thought process starts with your present and future objectives. A comprehensive understanding of your needs and issues is important for designing a detailed investment policy to help you attain your financial goals and dreams.

Formulate a Disciplined and Thoughtful Asset Allocation

  • Our experienced team will formulate an investment plan that addresses your best interests at all stages of your life. We maintain moving investment targets, constantly updated with changing conditions in the capital markets and your personal life.

Access to an Experienced Investment Team

  • You will have access to our team and its knowledge, facilitating a greater understanding about the investment process and evolving conditions in financial markets.

Protect your Assets for Yourself and Future Generations

  • We offer asset protection processes, with options for wealth insulation and legacy planning, as well as referrals for various legal solutions and guidance. We offer guidance for multi-generational families on wealth transfer mechanisms, always with concern for you, your children, and even your grandchildren.

State of the Art Platform for Investing

  • Our services include providing clients like you with a state of the art platform for equities trading, fixed income, alternative investments, concentrated equity strategies, hedging, and various insurance related solutions.


At Evyavan, we believe our fees are justified by our services. Our policy on fees is best summarized by the following principles:

  • Our clients are always well-informed about the cost of our services. As a policy, we are not satisfied performing a transaction unless our clients understand what they are required to pay.
  • Our fees are very competitive and lower than the industry average. We believe our first order of business should be to enhance your wealth first.
  • You get what you pay for. With regard to financial products, we look for the most effective investment with the highest rate of risk-adjusted return. It is sometimes the case that these investments are more expensive – but often they are worth the price in the long run. Our independent and unbiased judgment will guide our investment choices.